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Don Jedlovec
is a freelance photographer residing in Mission San Jose.  He works in the Bay Area, offering a variety of digital photographic services to many local clients. Don is an accomplished nature photographer, having achieved particular renown for his hummingbird work. He regularly makes photography excursions to the southwestern U.S. so that he may digitally capture these birds in a natural setting with indigenous flora. Don has many local clients, covering the professional and collegiate sports in the Bay Area.


He is a benefactor of and a volunteer for the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. He is a volunteer for the East Bay Regional Park District for which he conducts regular classes and photography workshops. Don has published three articles in Nature Photographer. His work has appeared at the San Francisco and Oakland Zoos, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, in the Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, Newsweek, and in many other local publications and venues. 
Hummingbirds - updated for my August 2016 Madera Canyon Photo-shoot!

His latest project uses high-speed digital photography with extremely short flash durations to freeze the motion of these birds. This work offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the details of flight close-up. These images were taken with a system of strobes having a duration of 25 millionths of a second, assuring that all motion will be frozen in time. Please contact us if you would like to learn how to do this!



I cover Bay Area Professional and Collegiate athletics events for a number of clients. I have a very large collection of Santa Clara University athletics photos, dating back 8 years. Included are upset basketball wins over the University of North Carolina, Stanford, and Gonzaga. Also featured are photos of some of the glorious years of Santa Clara Women's soccer which produced ten athletes that moved onto professional soccer.

An extensive collection of nature photography is presented, including avian flight and interesting hummingbird behavior you may not have seen. You may browse a collection of  images from the Nectar Garden at Coyote Hills Regional Park, featuring over twenty species. My macrophotography section features a year-long pursuit to capture the lifecycle of the Gulf Fritillary, Pipevine Swallowtail, and Monarch Butterflies. This work features high resolution time-lapse digital images of the pupal transformation - it is awesome how four stages of an animal's life can be so completely different.
Digital Photography Workshops
About every other month I give some sort of workshop, teach a class, or give a talk covering modern digital photography. Checkout the News and Events for a description of my upcoming activities. Our sessions have covered a variety of topics including: sunset photography, macrophotography, portraits, digital photography 101, 'extreme' photography, eagles, hummingbirds, panoramas, digital for kids, etc., and more. I also offer a hummingbird photography session in which you shoot stop action photos like the ones presented on this site.

Virtual tours
Here you may view samples of work I have performed for various clients. As you will see, virtual tours are not just for real estate anymore - I shoot events, people, and 'little planets.'

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